new york: lost mirrors

© michael sharp - still from lost mirrors

after a previous showcase in sydney, the lost mirrors exhibition launches today [8pm-late] at new york's con artist gallery. the show is the first in a series of collaborative works by artist michael sharpe in which he explores the role of ritual, ceremony and myth in today's fast-paced world. mythological stories have been told throughout human existence as a way of making sense of the world, and our place in it. the role of ritual is to bring these myths to life and carry the individual across the critical thresholds of infancy to adulthood and from old age to death. sharpe has worked with photographer scott lowe in a similar way to that of an art director and a photographer: the concept and vision are sharp’s own, and the collab occurs in the aesthetics of the shots and how things are put together [on through aug 15]. location: 119 ludlow street [lower east].