new york: levi's photo workshop opening

this week saw the opening of an exciting new space concepted by levi's, completely dedicated to photography. situated in the former premises of the deitch projects gallery in new york, the levi's photo workshop is a complete resource committed to providing free camera rentals, studio space, photo printers, lighting equipment and on-hand experts for amateur’s and professionals alike. in addition, the brand also plans to hold an inspiring series of educational talks, workshops and photo walking tours around new york city. print ads aside, what does a denim brand like levi's have to do with photography?! it’s an off-beat venture for sure but not altogether unfamiliar – last year they held a similar workshop dedicated to print in san francisco. levi's head of collabs, partnerships and creative concepts joshua katz is the brainchild behind this initiative, and is keen to re-inforce levi's inextricable historical link with crafts and the handmade. these initiatives cement the label as a craft-roots brand whilst pulling in communities through creativity and learning-based experiences. the space is open for three months whilst many of the workshops and discussions will be broadcast online. location: 18 wooster street [soho]. © levi's