new york: l'artisan parfumeur

as many of you know, finding a unique fragrance these days is tough. after only five minutes at the local fragrance counter, we can barely note the difference from one bottle to another, and most of them just give us a headache. luckily the owners of min new york were kind enough to invite us in for a fragrance consultation. talk about an olfactory adventure! the fragrance range these guys carry is pretty old school, colorful and diverse. the one collection we were drawn to was the l'artisan parfumeur range from paris. although there are dozens of alluring scents by l'artisan parfumeur [many of which are unisex], we were taken by the more dramatic, masculine concoctions. our top 5 of must-haves is as follows: piment brûlant - derived from an ancient aztec love potion, this guy was on fire like mexican pepper with a narcotic dash of poppy. key notes: red pepper, chocolate, vanilla, cloves, poppy, musk and amber [usd 135] al oudh - the arabian desert is a strange kingdom and this one is the key to the sultan's tent. key notes: sandalwood, cumin, cardamom, pink pepper, date, rose, neroli, saffron, leather, atlas cedar, myrrh, vanilla and tonka bean [usd 155] l'eau du navigateur - did someone say hot sailor? this one is for lovers of coffee, smoke, leather and pirates. key notes: bergamot, galbanum, coffee, cinnamon, cedar, incense, opoponax and leather [usd 135] méchant loup - meaning 'naughty wolf', it smells like a forest full of exotic wood. key notes: hazelnut, spices, honey and tonka bean [usd 135] poivre piquant - another exotic love potion, this one is inspired by the kamasutra, burning with white pepper and soft milk. key notes: white pepper, liquorice, milk and honey [usd 135] the exclusive l'artisan parfumeur fragrance range is available at the min new york store in new york. location: 117 crosby street [soho]. © min new york