new york: gucci icon-temporary pop-up store

both sneakerheads and fashionistas hold their breath in anticipation of the launch of gucci's highly publicized pop-up sneaker store in soho on fri - oct 23 [invite only]. dubbed gucci icon-temporary, it’s the brand’s very first of a string of pop-up shops in only six cities across the planet, and will be operational for two weeks. what’s on sale? limited-edition sneakers, 16 men’s styles and 2 women’s styles, all boasting the classic gucci insignia, and designed in collaboration with musical heartthrob mark ronson. as to maximize the hype, he will do collab recordings with artists, making limited edition tracks for each store opening. each client will receive a custom 12-inch vinyl record with exclusive tracks as a special gift. next stop on the gucci icon-temporary tour is miami next december! new york location: 43 crosby street [soho]. photos: courtesy of / atsushi nishijima