new york: grunge (1987-2013)

© richard bellia - nirvana, london [1991]

coinciding with this week's induction of iconic rock band nirvana in the rock and roll hall of fame at barclays center in brooklyn, agnès b. galerie boutique presents an inside look at music scene heroes, all captured by richard bellia [1962]. the renowned french photographer turned to photography at the age of 18 and is entirely self-taught. during a concert by the cure in 1980 he promptly decided to become a rock photographer. artists are eligible for induction at the rock and roll hall of fame 25 years after the release of their first record, meaning nirvana, who released debut album bleach in 1989, were nominated at the first possible opportunity.

bellia met and shot the band on three occasions in 1991, notably during the first live gig of their tour across britain. throughout his career bellia also photographed other bands from the grunge scene that played with or inspired nirvana, including sonic youth, henry rollins, neil young, daniel johnston, and their legendary producer steve albini. entitled grunge (1987-2013), bellia's exhibition opens fri - apr 11 [6pm-8pm] and presents 25 black + white photographs, taken with a medium-format hasselblad camera or with a leica m4p. all prints are hand-made, reproduced from the original negative. location: agnès b. galerie boutique, 50 howard street [soho].

© richard bellia - big black [1988] and daniel johnston [2013]