new york: frequency 528hz

flying under the radar is a new york city-based performance art dance company, trained in variety of disciplines and with an artistic focus that's adventurous to say the least. led by marlon taylor-wiles, it'll be staging a hybrid dance/performance art/video installation piece at the highline loft on jun 23 and 25 [arrive by 7.15pm - performance starts at 7:.30pm] and on jun 26 [arrive by 2.15pm - performance starts at 2.30pm]. entitled frequency 528hz, it's a piece that'll take the viewer on an immersive journey, exploring ideas about human evolution, navigating from our early inception to artificial intelligence and trans-humanism, as well as the mutability of time itself. not surprisingly, it's designed to be progressive, thought-provoking, and even challenging at times. click here to book your ticket at usd 25 each, or at usd 35 each with a fancy flying under the radar tote bag. location: the highline loft, 508 west 26th street [chelsea].