new york: electrified

© intel - david blaine surrounded by a million volts of electricity

david blaine does it again, and this time with a million volts of electricity. we're talking electrified, the renowned magician's most audacious trick to-date and in which he'll be surrounded by one million volts of electricity for three days and three nights, until tonight sun - oct 7. blaine will be standing on a 20-foot-high platform at hudson river park’s pier 54 in new york city, surrounded by seven towering metallic orbs – or tesla coils – that will stream one million volts of electricity around him. clad in a custom-made metal suit and helmet capable of conducting millions of volts of electricity, blaine will be on his feet and will not sleep or eat for the duration of the performance. audiences across the planet can view the event as it'll be continuously live-streamed on youtube and on letv in china. the electrified event is presented by intel, and part of the ultrabook experience, a new initiative by the company that features collabs among innovative brands, emerging and established artists, designers and entertainers that use the intel-inspired ultrabook device to do extraordinary things. stunt location: pier 54, west 14th street [west village].