new york: electric bogeyman

© envoy enterprises / gerald collings - maximus [2013] - oil on canvas

gerald collings [1974] is an artist based in new york city, and know for intriguing paintings that tickle your wildest, if not darkest, imagination. currently on at envoy enterprises is electric bogeyman, collings' third solo exhition at the gallery. the artist's work is situated within the more familiar traditions of landscape and figure painting. he breaks down the renaissance ideal of the perfect representation of human figures and landscape through mathematical knowledge and puts it through a blender. as a result his portrait paintings become nightmarish creatures that seem to have been made out of joined and morphed figures. most striking about these forms is that they seem at once familiar yet completely unidentifiable. collings' paintings are highly textured, and seem like snapshots of mysterious, primeval places that seem to hold dark secrets. it's the layering and depth of these paintings that evokes unexpected emotions, providing us new discoveries at every glance [on through feb 16]. location: 87 rivington street [lower east]

© envoy enterprises / gerald collings - life's a hot dog [2013] - oil on canvas