new york: ecstatic skin

© winston chmielinski - sets of eyes [2012] - oil on canvas

boston-born artist winston chmielinksi initially followed a trans-continental academic trail. he studied philosophy and creative writing at new york university, modern and contemporary chinese literature in beijing and french literature and contemporary art in paris before establishing himself as an artist. opening thu - nov 29 at envoy enterprises is chmielinski's first solo exhibition in new york city. dubbed ecstatic skin, it presents a rather sublime series of canvases that reveal the artist's ongoing investigations of the human body, as well as its surrogate forms in nature, with a focus on plants and lighted expanses. the very process behind these new paintings lives in a space between pure intention and mere accident. one method chmielinski used in creating these new works was to sequentially paint a series of figurative and abstract paintings during one studio session. location: 87 rivington street [lower east].

© winston chmielinski - large [2012] - oil and acrylic paint on canvas