new york: dior homme store renewal

© dior homme - the renewed dior homme and dior boutiques side by side

dior homme has reopened its original digs in new york city. expanded and completely revamped, the store now features the brand's latest retail aesthetics with sleek architectural symmetry, luxe materials, and rich, tactile finishes. an added second floor features a full service v.i.p. dressing room salon. needless to say that because of its highly prestigious location this dior homme store is more or less a global showcase, and as such it features a signature mix of merchandise across all categories presently available under the dior homme label, including ready-to-wear, footwear, eyewear, leather goods, watches, jewelry, and fragrances. interestingly, the dior homme pop-up store in soho that was launched to continue serving the brand's clientele during the lenghty renovation, has become a permanent boutique. uptown boutique location: 17 east 57th street [midtown].

© dior homme - sleek men's retail environment