new york: dior homme pop-up store

© dior homme - the pop-up in soho

the dior homme flagship midtown is currently being revamped and expanded, and to keep its sizeable new york city following happy the brand has decided to cater to their whims with a pop-up store downtown [where we assume the majority resides anyway]. the pop-up is located in a lofty ground floor space with a beautifully luxed-up industrial interior of white shelves and glass displays matched with a polished wooden floor and brick wall. a striking wall-mounted work by artist robert montgomery at the entrance, selected by creative director kris van assche himself, adds an intellectual flavour to the store. and the uptown flagship? that's slated to reopen next september. pop-up store location: 133 greene street [soho].

© dior homme - luxed-up industrial retail environment