new york: darkrooms

opening thu – jan 15 [6pm-8pm] at daneyal mahmood gallery is darkrooms – homme made. the show explores vulnerability and means of communication in a volatile digitalized world through the prism of a darkroom. the term darkroom is most commonly associated with a workplace in which film and photographic paper are developed to make photographic prints. nevertheless, the same term is also used to describe a darkened room, sometimes located in a nightclub, bathhouse, or sex club [aka backroom] where sexual activity takes place. darkrooms are losing relevance in our digital times, when sex and image producing can be found and made easily through the Internet and simple and popular electronic devices. chat rooms and digital cameras are providing almost everyone a chance to have quick and easy sex just as it allows the possibility to make quick and easy pictures and films. while the effects of employing digital means for sex - and for art - is yet to be fully understood, the current exhibition offers an intimate peek into the work of a young generation of artists giving account of themselves and their surroundings, even when it seems at first gloomy, self-centered or overly narrow. location: 511 west 25th street [chelsea].