new york: christian louboutin men's store opening

© christian louboutin / photography: greg kessler - a sophisticated gentlemen's club filled with shoes

just like hordes of women across the planet, christian louboutin makes men swoon over shoes. last year, the's the planet's most celebrated cobbler launched his first men's store in paris and now the doors have swung open of a similar establishment in new york's meatpacking district. the store occupies lofty space in a unique structure that encompasses an abandoned section of the city's innovative highline project and measures approx. 1,500 sq.ft. [140 sqm.]. utility conduits line the exposed ribs of the highline, which tops the structure and acts as its ceiling. designed by eric clough, the front salon is lit by six skylights that have been salvaged from the park amory building, and which have been retrofitted with mirrors and suspended from the ceiling. below, a geometric rawhide border frames the signature men’s louboutin red carpet, while the rest of the space is floored with cobbled leather panels that have been especially commissioned  and created by local artisans in mexico city.

elsewhere, an ornate cap of an advertising column that once adorned the streets of paris, has been reworked as a light fixture and hangs at eye level above a display in the center of the floor. similar to the men's boutique in paris, the store features an embroidered diamond-panel wall and the leather panels are embellished a with various louboutin men’s shoe patterns. a bright neon sign marks the 'tatoo parlour' in the back of the store, and it's here where shoppers can have their fav louboutins expertly customized or order a bespoke pair. the interior design combines modern and historic elements with the industrial character of the building and creates a feel of quirky luxe that's inherent to the christian louboutin brand. mind you, the new men's store carries the widest selection of christian louboutin men's shoes and bags stateside. location: 808 washington street [west village].

© christian louboutin / photography: greg kessler - rich and eclectic in detail