new york: camper store opening

© camper / marian montoro - camper's house of shoes by shigeru ban

camper teamed up with japanese starchitect shigeru ban for a rather innovative remodeling of its store in soho. the existing structure has been gutted to make way for a 111 sqm. retail space on the ground floor and an additional basement storage below. placed atop the flat roof is ban's signature paper tube structure, in the form of a triangle. the new gable shape celebrates camper's first owner occupied building in new york city, thus becoming brand's house of shoes. following remarks and a q+a with ban and camper’s c.e.o. miquel fluxa, guests enjoyed tunes spun by dj matt kays and tasty signature spanish bites. location: 110 prince street [soho].

© camper / marian montoro - the new store, shigeru ban chatting with miquel fluxa and opening party [top to bottom]