new york: bye bye cbgb

originally from paris, art school graduate bruno hadjadj moved to new york city in the late 80s where he quickly established himself in the undergrpund arts scene. as a production designer hadjadj worked on numerous commercials, music videos and short films, and produced his first feature film in 2009. officially opening on thu - feb 2 [6pm-8pm] at clic gallery is bye bye cbgb, an exhibition that's pretty much a final goodbye to the legendary cbgb club, one of the last relics of the new york punk rock scene and 1970s/1980s underground culture.

on october 14, 2006 a bunch of people came from all other the planet to say farewell to the club before it shut its doors for good. for 48 hours star-studded performances were held there and hadjadj was present to document it all. on display at the show are black + white and silver prints mounted on light boxes with the flickering electric lights animating the figures. an accompanying series of sketches is rendered with a mix of ink and pencils. location: 255 centre street [soho].

© bruno hadjadj