new york: blues

© tim barber - blinds low [2014]

originally trained as a photographer, new york-based tim barber [1979] has evolved into multi-tasking visual expert with a large global following. combining his technical skills with a keen eye for culture and trends made him a sought-after lensman and consultant for many a leading brand, and although his portfolio is amazingly diverse, each image reveals a disarming style and unbridled curiosity. next to pursuing a professional career, barber has engaged in various projects and events which have promoted photography on a global level. opening fri - may 15 [6pm-8pm] at galerie boutique agnès b. in soho is a rather special exhibition by barber. simply entitled blues, this solo showcase presents a new body of work, consisting of no less than 39 traditional cyanotypes.

these works spawn from barber's earliest art-related memories from elementary school, going to a cemetery and making charcoal rubbings of grave stones on flimsy newsprint. he remembered thinking about it later on making contact prints in the darkroom in high-school, realizing it was a related process, making the linear connection between photography and archaic printmaking. this train of thought that brought him back to working with traditional cyanotypes for these works as he was interested in what would happen in the intersection between the digital source images, taken with an iphone camera, and this archaic blue-print process. coinciding with the show is the release of an 84-page catalogue which will also be available for purchase at the opening. location: galerie boutique agnès b., 50 howard street [soho].

© tim barber - heron and sunset rock [2014]