new york: black velvet

over the summer of 2010 photographer kelsey bennett shot pictures of james brown tribute performer charles bradley a.k.a. black velvet. he has been a singer since the age of 16, and now in his 60’s, he's at the height of his career and will be performing his original material, opening for none other than stevie wonder at the hollywood bowl. bennett managed to document the artist just before he performs less and less as james brown and more as an artist in his own right. the exhibition black velvet the godfather of soul, features bennett's well-timed photo series, a video of a performance as black velvet projected onto an installation, and a soul food buffet [at the opening party only]. the show opens at christopher henry gallery on thu - jul 21 [10pm]. location: 127 elizabeth street [nolita]. © kelsey bennett - black velvet in action [2010]