new york: björk

© one little indian - still from the all is full of love music video [1999]

icelandic pop siren björk, known for her groundbreaking creativity in music, performance and just about anything she gets her hands on, has been bestowed with a retrospective at moma in new york city. the show, opening sun - mar 8, is going to be a mindblowing ride down memory lane, exploring björk's 20 years as an artist, and a highly multi-tasking one at that. it starts with her eight full-length albums and multiple collabs with directors, photographers, designers, artists, and other experimental practitioners, and culminating in a new, immersive music and film experience commissioned by moma. on display is a complete chronology of sounds, videos, objects, instruments, costumes, and images that express the artist’s overarching project: her music. chronologically, the exhibition begins with the release of björk’s first mature solo album, debut, in 1993, and proceeds through her career up to her most recent work in 2015. location: moma, 11 west 53rd street [midtown].

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