new york: beyond elegance

© valmorbida / todd james  - somali pirate with radio [2010]

after the much publicized futura 2000 show, savvy art juggler andy valmorbida has got a brand new show up his sleeve in collab with rcva's pm tenore. called beyond elegance, it opens tue - nov 13 [6pm-9pm] and features a series of new works by todd james and alexis ross, two artists that are known for their tongue-in-cheek imagery that critiques modern society in varying ways. james creates striking, graphic paintings illuminated by a bright colours palette that satirize modern daily life as we know it, while ross incorporates vintage visual language that's reminiscent of early 20th-century children’s literature, resulting in often absurdist yet compelling tableaus. it's interesting to see how at first sight the works seem to depict the lightness of being, yet on a closer inspection embed issues of a gloomy nature. by combining the different styles of two artists with the same artistic intentions, the latter somehow becomes more apparent. location: 560 washington street [soho].

© valmorbida / alexis ross - men's pants half [2012]