new york: attachments

© the hole / peter sutherland

tim barber is at it again, in a brilliant fashion. opening today [6pm-9pm] at the hole gallery is attachments, a bedazzling group exhibition that the photographer co-curated with the venue's kathy grayson. the duo have assembled work of a group of young artists who've most adventurously explored the depths and boundaries of the photographic medium. they've used it in exciting new ways, especially across disciplines, and each artist presents a group of works that overlap with what are traditionally the concerns of other media, whether that be cinema, the internet, publishing, sculpture, poetry, painting or curation. participating artists include asger carlsen, andrew kuo, peter sutherland, jessica eaton and jason nocito [on through nov 3]. don't miss! location: 312 bowery [nolita].

© the hole / asger carlsen - photo from the hester series [2011]