new york: are you with me?

in accordance with new year’s eve customs of augury, bacchanals and resolutions, you're now challenged to search for meaning in the seemingly prosaic realm of food and drink. the are you with me? show opens at small a projects on sun - jan 4 [4pm-8pm]. three artists present a collective installation inspired by janus [january’s namesake], the two-faced god of ancient rome and patron of both concrete and abstract beginnings and endings. jessica jackson hutchins provides a dinner table of eccentric functional vessels that point equally toward the sublime and the mundane. in a private dinner shortly after the opening, the vessels will be used for a meal. jennifer west's projected film skinnydipping carbon beach malibu is the hallucinatory backdrop for this tableau. jesse willenbring is a painter, dinner host and a co-conspirator. his paintings make an optimistic approach to painting, where references, appropriation and intuition are sources of pleasure. location: 261 broome street [soho].