new york: andrépolis

andré saraiva is a fixture in paris' nightlife scene, and as a member of the le baron fam he avidly travels the globe doing stints in cool places and mingle with ditto party crowds. saraiva returns once again to new york city, but this time to dust off the party glitter, set the record straight and delve deep into his artistic repertoire for a full-fledged exhibition at the hole. his andrépolis show opens  thu - jun 7 [7pm-9pm], and features a specially constructed miniature city installation which consists of fifteen wooden, painted, and fully lighted buildings. the back section of the gallery is transformed into a city at night, with miniature neons and bulbs that illuminate saraiva's recreations of a hallucinatory vision of new york clubs and restaurants. the arted version of the city creates the scene for which artists and culture makers come together, while two related shows feature portraits of over 100 of the artists that make up the art scene in the city. location: 312 bowery [nolita].

© the hole / andré saraiva - use me [2012]