new york: americana

© grey area / photography: jordan doner / brian kenny - deconstructed flag #3 [bare bones]

living up to its name, grey area is an art space in soho that intentionally focuses on the often as awkward regarded overlap of art and design, on hybrid and often intriguing pieces that seem pretty much in limbo between the two disciplines. as such, grey area aims to present the very best of what can't be categorized or fit in a traditional gallery context. currently on at the gallery is americana, a group show curated by kyle dewoody which features flags, maps, money, guns, war, drugs, cowboys, cars, television, cigarettes and sex: themes and iconography that are at the very core of the americana genre. participating artists incluse brian kenny, andrea mary marshall, jameson ellis, sebastian errazuriz and ray geary [on through dec 6]. location: 547 broadway, second floor [soho].

© grey area / photography: jordan doner / andrea mary marshall - dough