new york: alexander wang flagship store opening

© alexander wang - a flagship store for 21st century

fashionistas if ever there was a store that has kept new york hipsters totally mesmerized for months on end, it's alexander wang's very first flagship. as if an italian palazzo - no, were not just referring to its rather grand 3,500 sq.ft. size - the store is an oasis of luxe, albeit in a understated manner. covered in slabs of grey-veined white marble, the floor is almost as pristine as the walls. both reflect the floods of light that enters through huge windows, giving the store an exceptionally spacious, airy feel. luckily, interior decorator ryan korban also added a little contemporary visual drama, and he does it with a set of unusual but highly effective decorative tricks: first there's a humongous black metal cage that serves no purpose other than being decorative, then there's the fur hammock dangling from the ceiling, and last but not least the sleek range of marble and metal displays. welcome to 21st century shopping, people! location: 103 grand street [soho].

© alexander wang - retail with an art gallery touch