new york: agnès b. my bag collab

© agnès b. - the my bag design by qing-yang xiao

this medium-sized travel bag debuted in agnès b.'s voyage collection back in 2001 and proved to be a best-seller. it's a simple but versatile nylon bag that agnès b. herself simply refers to as my bag. the french designer has now collaborated with ten artists from around the planet to customize this specific bag with a design of their choice. the collection will be launched on thu - oct 18 at the agnès b. galerie boutique in soho. designer agnès b. picked new york-based artist st, who designed limited-edition tees for the store opening last year, as the american artist for the project. bäst's original collages that he used for the design will be on display, along with a video about his bag. the other participating artists are song yang, hibino, graphicairlines, karena lam, milkxhake, qing-yang xiao, kuanth and david shillinglaw. each of the ten customized bags will be limited to a worldwide production of 150 and will be sold exclusively in the u.s. at this store but also online. all proceeds from the sales of each bag will be donated to a charity that each artist has selected from their area. shown here are the two designs that we particularly like. store location: 50 howard street [soho].

© agnès b. - the my bag design by graphicairlines