new york: aesop store opening

© aesop - hello soho!

australian cosmetics brand aesop accellerates its expansion in the u.s. and adds two new stores in new york city. the latest store has opened in soho and is a renewed collab with architecture practice nadaaa which designed the brand's recently opened first store on the u.s. west coast. the design of this store is similarly inspired by the aesthetics of pre-20th century apothecaries with elements of 21st-century skin care blended in. the store's shelving system is a wall-mounted tapestry of made-to-measure wooden boxes, made from reclaimed wood and enveloping the entire retail space. the floor is lined with cork, adding a visual balance and warm vibe. the new aesop store carries the brand's full range of skin, body and hair care products. location: 438 west broadway [soho].

© aesop - a tapestry of reclaimed wooden boxes