new york: aesop store opening

© aesop - a superior beauty regimen arrives in the west village

aesop launched a third signature store in new york city, and this time it's in the west village. the design by melbourne-based architecture practice march studio, a previous collaborator of the australian cosmetics brand, pays tribute pays tribute to the bohemian feel of the area, and features a striking wooden rib-cage interior that creates the optical illusion of additional depth. the storage shelves and counter are also crafted from bleached wood, and are matched by leather-wrapped flooring. a wall-suspended brass basin and a louis poulsen light fixture in a similar material heighten the artisanal vibe of the retail space. aesop's newest outlet stocks the brand's full range of hair, body and skincare products. location: 341 bleecker street [west village].

© aesop - what's not to like about this store?