new york: a 'present' to agnès b. from bruce weber

in the early 1980s, well before he had earned a rightful place among the most sought-after fashion photographers, bruce weber first met fashion designer agnès b. at her store on prince street, and she kindly lent him clothes for a fashion photo shoot. following this photo shoot, weber sent all of the photos to the designer with a word of thanks, and that was the beginning of a special friendship was born. opening today [6pm-8pm] at the agnès b. galerie boutique in soho is an exhibition of 70 original black and white photographs by weber, all from the aformentioned shoot in the 1980s. while the opening will be staged at the agnès b. retail space in soho [1], it'll continue at the brand's other boutiques in noho [2] and on the upper east side [3]. mind you, this photo exhibition is one of the events planned this year to mark the 40-year anniversary of the agnès b. brand which began in paris, way back in 1976 [on through apr 16]. location [1]: 50 howard street [soho]. location [2]: 13 east 16th street [noho]. location [3]: 1063 madison avenue [upper east].

© bruce weber