new york: a.p.c. store opening

© a.p.c. - cool style fenced in

a.p.c. recently opened a second store in new york city's west village, the shop is wrapped by an expansive fence of wooden slats which initially had the entire neighbourhood in an uproar, but they chilled out as it proved to be a temporary deco statement by house architect laurent deroo. for the inside deroo crafted a realm of bleached wood minimalism, similar to other a.p.c. stores across the planet, although the design here is less polished and more d.i.y. chic. an eye-carching display with fluorescent rubes has been built around a bearing wall in the middle of the store. a.p.c.'s newest outlet in the big apple carries the brand's entire men's and women's collection. location: 267 west 4th street [west village].

© a.p.c. - a realm of bleached wood minimalism