munich: moncler store opening

© moncler - moncler's fancy downtown location

with the eastern alps practically in the back yard, munich houses a fair share of ski fanatics. and being style-savvy ones with deep pockets too, it's no wonder moncler opens up shop there, in the city's fanciest downtown thoroughfare. the store measures 110 sqm. and is designed by paris-based design practice gilles & bossier which designed many of the brand's flagships across the planet. the store features the signature pierre bleu stone floor and ceiling, combined with engraved wood paneling on the walls. the result is a well-balanced mix of traditional and contemporary design. the moncler store carries the men's and women's apparel and accessories collections, including the sought-after moncler v, moncler s and moncler grenoble lines. location: maximilianstrasse 11-15 [downtown].

© moncler - inside the munich flagship