munich: louis vuitton maison opening

© louis vuitton

louis vuitton opens up plush maisons like there’s no tomorrow. after a much publicized launch in venice a week ago, the focus shifts to munich. it’s been 35 years since the french luxury brand opened its first store in germany here, and now the city claims another first with the launch of the very first louis vuitton maison in the country. as is customary a landmark building has been picked to open up shop. commissioned by king ludwig I of bavaria - and part of his vision to create one of europe’s most beautiful capitals - the residenzpost was designed by architect leo von klenze, and opened in 1838 as one of the first post offices. the new interior of the three-storey structure has been designed by new york-based architect peter marino, a longtime collaborator of the fashion brand. the new louis vuitton maison extends over three floors. the ground floor houses leather goods, jewellery, accessories and luggage.

the basement section is home to the men’s collections, and the entire first floor is dedicated to the women’s collections. the main staircase, extends through the store’s three floors, appearing as a rainbow of wood colours. beginning with a dark wood in the basement, it then becomes a medium shade of wood at the ground floor entrance and culminates in a light wood on the first floor women’s area. especially for the store, a new pale gold metal mesh has been developed that extends from the ground floor upwards. similar to other maisons across the planet, the one in munich is also home to a new espace louis vuitton. this exhibition space will be hosting three exhibitions of contemporary art each year, as well as a range of other events. location: residenzstrasse 2 [altstadt].

© louis vuitton - inside the new maison, louis vuitton c.e.o. michael burke snuggles up to uma thurman at the opening party