munich: form, heft, material

© haus der kunst / photography: wilfired petzi - installation view

as one of today's leading architects, david adjaye is known for a distinct local scope with which he executes his craft. the london-based architect has designed a wide variety of structures, from shop interiors and houses, to museums and large-scale urban projects, adjaye incorporates location-based architectural motifs and cultural norms into his vision. haus der kunst in munich currently hosts an elaborate survey exhibition on adjaye, entitled form, heft, material. the show explores the multifaceted approach of the tanzanian-born architect, and features an engaging exhibition design with installations, drawings, models, sketches, films, and large-scale fragments of projects.

the presentation emphasizes the striking materiality and formal qualities of adjaye’s work, and illustrates how he develops a project from concept to realization. interestingly, adjaye has continued to look to art for inspiration, making buildings that insist on being accommodated as objects that share the space with those who inhabit them [on though may 31]. next year will see the opening of the new venue of the smithsonian national museum of african american history and culture in washington d.c., arguably the architect's most prestigious project to date. location: haus der kunst, prinzregentenstrasse 1 [altstadt-lehel].

© haus der kunst / photography: ed reeve - horizon [detail] + photography: lyndon douglas - oflection [stephen lawrence centre]