munich: a kind of guise store opening

© a kind of guise - munich's new hipster central

what started as a student project three years ago with only a few items evolved into a full-fledged fashion brand with global following. after launching a womenswear collection, it has now made its very first retail statement. we're talking the new a kind of guise store, located smack in the middle of an area where most of its following lives and hangs out in munich. the store is located in a space that was previously occupied by a traditional bookstore, and quite a few of the original 1950s features have been retained. what was modified or added is minimal but totally adds up and has resulted in what we think are very cool retail aesthetics. the a kind of guise store stocks the brand's full range of men's and women's collections, in addition to a concise selection of items of compatible other brands. location: adalbertstrasse 41 [maxvorstadt].

© a kind of guise - inside the store, opening party crowd [top to bottom]