mumbai: colaba social café opening

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change is evident all over mumbai as more and more of its inhabitants partake in the digital age and all the perks that come with it. the city's hospitality scene is booming and boasts an increasing number of new concepts that cater to this progressive consumer demographic. a recent arrival in town is colaba social, a hybrid meeting spot - mind you, it has previously opened popular sister establishments in the country's hi-tech capital bengaluru and government seat delhi - which combines a café and a workspace for the fast-growing contingent of freelancing creatives of this boomtown. work and play are at the core of colaba social's innovative concept, but without the usual designated areas.

when the creative juices flow, they just flow, and that's why versatility rules here. but then again, it has all the facilities of well-equipped office, including a boardroom, conference facilities, printer, scanner, high-speed wi-fi and built-in social interaction. mind you, there's even a nifty app in the making that lets you order and review food, check out the restaurant playlist and suggest your fav tunes. obviously, it also aims to boost interaction between patrons. the setting of colaba social is intentionally off-beat, featuring an eclectic, fun-infused design with a raw edge. designer sanya desai's mission was to retain as much of the building's original architectural elements and create an interior design that - totally in line with the forward lifestyles of its patrons - would be environmentally responsible.

the project became a fully upcycled one, seeing a new lease on life for the property's original mosaic floors, windows and doors. these were playfully paired with vintage furniture pieces and a backdrop of exposed brick walls. the only intervention is the so-called cocktail kitchen, all tiled up and stocked with dangling bottles. the various cosy seating areas are furnished with leather sofas, colourful folding chairs and sturdy wooden tables. the light fixtures are just as basic, including naked bulbs that hang from the ceiling and skeletal table lamps. being a place where you should love spending time, colaba social's menu is one of meticulously picked offerings.

very compatible with the venue's concept, it lists street food that's unpretentious and fun, but to tickle your senses, it's presented in a quirky way. an abundance of ingredients, cultures and presentation styles from around the planet are masterfully mixed up to create a culinary adventure of sorts. and speaking of adventure, the very same can be said of the drinks menu. bearing witty names, there's a wide range of classic cocktails with wonderfully tweaked formulas that allow you to elaborately mark the end of a hard day's work. plans are already well underway to set up a second café in mumbai. location: glen rose building, 24 b.k. boman-behram marg, ground floor [colaba].

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