moscow: timewarp

© timothy mcgurr / 13th witness

legendary urban artist futura is in moscow prepping his first ever exhibition there. born leonard hilton mcgurr in 1955, he emerged as an influential player in new york city's flourishing underground scene of the 1970s and 1980s, and eventually gained a foothold in established art circles because of his distinct style. futura first visited the russian capital in 1984 and was photographed breakdancing on red square by photographer sophie bramley. this particular image went on to symbolize the important historical period, forging cultural ties of sorts between two extremely polarized cold war era cultures. that same year also marked the birth of the futura’s son timothy mcgurr, who exactly 30 years later on, has taken the picture of his father on the very same spot on red square as a professional photographer. opening tue - oct 14 at the shchusev state museum of architecture is timewarp, an aptly named exhibition which presents a body of new work that the artist has created for this show right here at the venue. location: shchusev state museum of architecture, ulitsa vozdvizhenka 5/25 [arbat].