moscow: the legend of kaspar hauser

are you a moscow-based movie buff desperately craving for some brilliantly absurdist sci-fi? then check out tonight's screening [10pm] of davide manuli's la leggenda di kaspar hauser [2012] at strelka institute. a surreal post-modern western filmed in stylish black + white, the film is an update of sorts of the historic figure kaspar hauser. kaspar was a mysterious boy who appeared in the streets of nuremberg in 1828 and could hardly talk. his ancestry - royal, according to some - and history were never explained. in the movie he washes up on a mediterranean beach where he is found and received as the messiah by the sheriff, who also happens to be a deejay. the duchess, who rules the tiny community, feels threatened by the blond boy and sends the pusher to fix things. with music by vitalicvincent gallo starring both as sheriff and the pusher, elisa gerini as the duchess, and silvia calderoni as kaspar hauser. location: bersenyevskaya naberezhnaya 14 [yakimanka].

photo: still from la leggenda di kaspar hauser [2012]