moscow: the hyena & other men

© pieter hugo - the hyena men of abuja [2005]

pieter hugo is an acclaimed portrait photographer based in cape town who has covered a wide variety of topics on the black continent. an exhibition called the hyena and other men opens at the multimedia art museum in moscow on thu - mar 22, and is hugo's first showcase in russia. the show presents his eponymous photo series of so-called hyena men who live in cities across nigeria. they are accompanied by hyenas, pythons and baboons, and earn a living by performing before crowds and selling traditional medicines, and hugo captures them in a series of beautiful portraits that reveal an uncanny world of complex, codependent relationships. also on display is a selection of photos from permanent error, a series that documents the marginal lives of people living in agbogbloshie, an expansive dumping ground for obsolete technology from western countries, on the outskirts of the ghanaian capital accra. location: ulitsa ostozhenka 16 [khamovniki].

© pieter hugo - portrait of david akore [2010] and technology waste at agbogbloshie [2010]