moscow: soviet design 1950-1980s

© moscow design museum - transistor radio

you in moscow? if so, you better check this out. opening today is a rather cool exhibition by the moscow design museum. called soviet design 1950-1980s, it's held at the manezh exhibition center, and as the name implies it features a range of interesting design examples from the country's communist era. the exhibition is divided into different sections, each dedicated to aspects of life and culture of the soviet citizen, from the world of childhood and games to leisure and hobbies, sports and mass events, education and science, the production sector and also domestic life. the exhibition offers a fresh look at some of the best examples of soviet industrial and graphic design, applied arts and fashion design. the many objects on display originate from both state museums and the private collections of russian designers and their families. additionally, there'll be a series of video screenings of interviews with leading soviet designers - most completely unknown outside russia - who were filmed especially for this exhibition, including uri soloviev, svetlana mirzoyan, valeri akopov, vladimir runge and aleksandr yermolayev. mind you, all of this exhibition's printed and video material will be translated into english [on through jan 20]. location: manezhnaya ploshchad 1 [krasnaya ploshchad].

© moscow design museum - chaika vacuum cleaner, manufactured from 1963