moscow: sleepbox hotel opening

© sleepbox hotel - russia's first capsule hotel

in a previous post we talked about sleepbox, an unexpected display of modern innovation by architecture practice arch group at moscow's sheremetyevo airport. russia's strong economic growth has rendered its capital one of the planet's most expensive cities, and many luxury hospitality chains have banked on the favourable situation by putting up ritzy establishments. although budget accommodation in central moscow was always scarce, the closure and demolition of rossiya hotel in 2006 - a massive yet quaint 3,200-room property from the soviet era opposite the iconic red square - moscow lost its most prominent, fairly-priced downtown lodgings.

but now that a russian middle class has emerged, one that travels wide and far nationwide and often to the beckoning capital city, the hospitality cards needed to be reshuffled. taking the sleepbox concept to the next level, arch group teamed up with entrepreneur leonid chernikov to open sleepbox hotel, a hospitality concept that makes use of the very same sleeping capsules. quite an effort was made to find the right location, and as a result sleepbox hotel is conveniently situated near byeloruskiy railway station - the terminating point of the express train from sheremetyevo airport - and a major subway station on the important koltsevaya or circle line.

sleepbox hotel features 46 double-unit wooden pods, and 10 single-unit pods made from aluminium and plastic, spread over four floors. each unit is equipped with a tv and ample storage space. the building itself has been modernized and the design matches the futuristic pods. shower facilities are obviously shared but plentiful on each floor, and a smoking room - russians are still big on tobacco - and a laundry room are readily available. at the reception desk on the ground floor ipads are available for online browsing. if you're considering to stay here, please note that bookings can only be made online. location: ulitsa 1-ya tverskaya-yamskaya 27 [tverskaya].

© sleepbox hotel - double unit pod, single unit pod, reception desk, entrance [top to bottom]