moscow: physika store opening

© physika - a fashion haunt that's too good to be true

physika is a smart new concept that started as a project of friends and spices up moscow's otherwise very expensive designer retail scene, offering select men's + women's apparel items, shoes and accessorties with discounts up to a whopping 90%. one of the store owners worked in the fashion industry in paris and during his stay there he built an extensive network that now is the very foundation of physika's store concept. dealing directly with these designers enables the shop to keep prices low. its launch offerings are a cool mix of hogh fashion and streetwear, and included cashmere lucien pellat-finet sweaters with prints by damien hirst and takashi murakami, edgy spike-crusted sneakers by forfex and amazingly, apparel items and accessories by maison martin margiela lines 0, 1, 4, 6, 10, 11 and 14. interestingly, physika is well-connected with the local fashion scene and also features lots trophies by emerging russian designers. the merchandise will regularly be replenished, meaning that you'll find new wannahave items each time you walk in the door. and this isn't a one-store project as the owners have ambitious plans to open up more boutiques in paris, riga, yekaterinburg and bali, and an additional moscow showroom featuring fashion from russia and the former soviet republics only. location: ulitsa tverskaya 12, third floor [tverskaya].

© physika - trophies galore