moscow: personal choice

© garage ccc / sergey bratkov - long live the bad of today for the good of tomorrow [2010]

opening today at the garage center for contemporary culture, moscow's leading private art gallery, is an exhibition which gives an interesting peek into the usually concealed art dealing of today's russian private individuals. aptly entitled personal choice - collectors' selections from their own collections, the showcase involves the participation of no less than twenty prominent collectors from across the country who have been invited to choose just one significant artwork from their collection and share why they like it so much. they've been given carte blanche by curator yulia aksenova in picking their fav piece but have been obliged to elaborate on the decision. interestingly, a long-standing tradition exists in russia of private collecting.

this practice peaked in the early 20th century and the russian public today enjoy the cultural legacy many of the private collectors left behind by bequeathing their artwork to the russian state. the russian revolution in 1917 drastically reformed society, affecting private ownership and obviously art collecting too. only when a ban on capitalist principles was lifted in the early 1990s, did it surge to new heights within emerging and different kind of priviliged circles. the exhbition has a two-fold approach: as said, it examines the personal relation between the owner and the artwork, but it also aims to explore how the practice can still make a significant contribution to public life now or in the future [on through apr 6]. location: gorkiy park, ulitsa krimskiy val 9/45 [yakimanka].

© garage ccc / oleg kulik - cosmonaut [2003] and alexander calder - triangle [1954]