moscow: new luxuries

© droog / tejo remy + ted noten - chest of drawers #100

as the epitomy of dutch design, droog incorporates much of the calvinist culture that's prevalent in the netherlands. void of ostentation and other usual references of luxury, dutch design boasts craftiness which emphasizes functionality, innovation and very often wit instead, and making its designs accessible to just about anyone. an elaborate display of droog's conceptual austerity currently takes place at the manezh exhibition center in downtown moscow. entitled new luxuries - less + more in an age of austerity, the exhibition is hosted by the newly established moscow design museum and presents designs by various designers from the droog collective which are exemplary of its design identity.

most pieces have been constructed from repurposed materials or in some cases conceptualized in unusual yet highly playful ways. with this signature approach droog aims to redefine the context and perception of luxury in the realm of modern design. the exhibition's scenography seamlessly adapts to what is showcased, and the objects are intentionally placed upon simple wooden industrial pallets [on through jan 12]. during the runtime of the exhibition there'll be a program of lectures by dutch designers, meetings, master classes for kids and other events. location: manezh, manezhnaya ploshchad 1 [krasnaya ploshchad].

© droog / droog + metahaven - time is life carpet