moscow: kurt cobain - the last session

© jesse frohman - the last session [1993]

today marks the 21st anniversary of kurt cobain's death. an icon of american counter culture, his legacy is still very much alive, and continues to inspire obstinate young musicians across the planet. new york-based photographer jesse frohman crossed paths with cobain in 1993 when he was given an assignment to shoot the musician and his band nirvana for a british newspaper. this photo session proved to be the very last formal shoot that cobain took part in before his much-publicized suicide. last year, thomas & hudson published a selection of these shots in a book that's aptly entitled kurt cobain - the last session, and shouldn't be a surprise it has found a global audience. to commemorate cobain's passing away and his band's induction in the rock 'n roll hall of fame department store tsvetnoy central market – a nucleus of hot young labels and thus a fav destination of moscow's hipster demographic – hosts an exhibition of a wide range of these photographs by frohman on its premises [on through apr 15]. and that's not all. a special capsule collection has been released which will be available for one week only. it contains a t-shirts, iphone cases, caps, skateboards, and even surfboards with the image of cobain. and obviously the book is for sale there as well. location: tsvetnoy central market, 15 tsvetnoy bulvar [meshchanskiy].


© jesse frohman - the last session [1993] and tsvetnoy central market - the anniversary merchandise