moscow: kamchatka bar opening

© novikov group - low key bar in a posh area

in moscow, the name arkadiy novikov is synonymous to fine dining. a true entrepreneur, novikov envisioned a lifestyle and luxury boom when perestroika had barely started and now owns an endless number of plush eateries in the russian capital where the elitniy set loves to indulge in pricey delicacies. but the fact that novikov diversified his business and also dabbles in more affordable gastronomy concepts is lesser known. after launching the yolki-palki fast-food chain - very much the russian equivalent of mcdonald's, featuring traditional russian bites such as blini - in the 1990s, he has recently opened a new low-brow establishment, and interestingly on one of the most expensive stretches of downtown real estate. dubbed kamchatka, it's situated only a few steps away from vogue café, one of novikov's trophy diners. set up as a 'beer bar', it features a deceptively simple interior which on a closer inspection reveals a sophisticated deco orchestration that supports the format. later this year an additional basement section will open with restaurant-style seating and waiting staff. as a beer bar, kamchatka features three russian and two foreign beers [all come in half-litre portions], in addition to vodka and wines. the food may be secondary here, but you'd definitely want some to sustain the intake of all that alcohol. the menu predominantly lists simple russian snacks, such as traditional sausages and dumplings, and red caviar sandwich and cheburek for the more adventurous among you foreign palates. location: ulitsa kuznetskiy most 7 [tverskaya].

© novikov group - beer and snacks for the people