moscow: g café opening

© garazh center for contemporary culture - a new summer hangout in the park

moscow's garage center for contemporary culture is one of the city's leading art venues and its innovation extends beyond the world of art and the walls of its premises. last week it has launched g café, a rather brilliant new summer hangout, a stone's throw away in the hugely popular gorkiy park in the russian capital. located alongside pionerskiy pond, and across from the outdoor location where the art venue has staged its current touch the music exhibition, it's a temporary structure that will remain open until the end of summer. listed on the menu is a string of savoury organic dishes and salads, and for sweet tooths yummy desserts, all prepared by chef denis kalmis. and to keep the crowd entertained, various culinary workshops, gigs and artistic showcases have been planned. when the cold season arrives in fall, g café will move into a temporary pavilion by japanese starchitect shigeru ban and which currently is under construction. location: gorkiy park, ulitsa krimskiy val, pionerskiy pond [yakimanka].

© garazh center for contemporary culture - g café on the sunny opening day, chef denis kalmis is getting it on [top to bottom]