moscow: freedom not genius

© jeff koons / dacs 2012 / rao moscow 2012 - elephant [2003] - stainless steel, coloured coating

damien hirst is one of the planet's most influential artist, as this exhibition at the multimedia art museum in moscow demonstrates. the recently opened genius not freedom showcase isn't so much about the artist's creative output, but focuses on his vast private art collection instead. presented for the first time in the russian capital is a selection of works from hirst’s british contemporaries with a string classics of modernism and pop art, and unique curios. the best-selling brit has been an avid art collector since the early 1980s and this show gives an insight into his sources of inspiration, passions and tastes.

in the very beginning hirst simply traded artworks with fellow british artists, but later acquired some of the most significant works of a generation of artists that collectively came to be known as the yba's. hirst's collection has now grown to include works by many international artists of earlier generations, not only post-war masters but also pivotal figures in the history of 20th-century art. death and the animal kingdom are two themes that recur frequently and together they communicate the spirit of the entire collection. an eclectic range of works by various artists is on display, including jeff koons, giacometti, banksy, francis bacon and takashi murakami [on through feb 2]. location: ulitsa ostozhenka 16 [khamovniki].

© dacs 2012 / rao moscow 2013 / unknown author - untitled [skeleton of augsburg] - 17th century