moscow: finnish design days

the legacy of modern finnish design is legendary across the planet, and the related expertise is currently seen as a highly regarded product that's marketable abroad. the finnish design days, held aug 29-31 at moscow's strelka institute, is a high-profile event that aims showcase finnish design know-how through a lecture program given by design professionals who changed the cultural, economic and visual landscape of finland. dedicated to schooling, the opening day features a lecture by tuula teeri, president of aalto university in helsinki. teeri will talk about creating a new platform for design education and teaching universal, interdisciplinary skills. it's followed by a round table chat on post-university education by a panel of finnish, russian and british education experts. the second day kicks off with a lecture of pasi mattila, director of educational company finpeda and initiator of the national program future school of finland. mattila will talk about using design to improve our schools. architecture practice verstas presents a mechanism for bringing innovation to public schools, followed by another round table discussion. day three is all about contemporary finnish design. hosted by the world design capital helsinki 2012 organization, a lecture by its executive director pekka timonen is scheduled. timonen will talk about turning design into a national design, and he will be joined in this by other finnish professionals. lectures are conducted in english, click [here] to gain access by stating your full name and contact details. location: bersenyevskaya naberezhnaya 14 [yakimanka]. 

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