moscow: faces & laces

faces & laces is a massive annual celebration of street fashion, subcultures, visual communication and alternative contemporary art, and the biggest of its kind in all of russia. this year's edition is once again held at gorkiy park on jun 23-24 and features, as is expected by its savvy following, a slew of relevant brand exhibitions, dj sets and live gigs, including a levi's presentation of its a/w 2012 commuter collection, adidas originals have called in the tad graffiti team from st. petersburg to do an exhibition and workshop, lomography russia presents a large exhibition with photos from its global network related to subcultures, none other than the legendary afrika bambaataa flies in for a live gig, and lots and lots more. location: ulitsa krimskiy val 9 [zamoskvoreche].

photo: the one and only afrika bambaataa