moscow: door 19 pop-up restaurant

© artkvartal

door 19 is a pop-up restaurant + art gallery that has taken moscow by storm. conceptualized by artkvartal, an urban project that aims to redevelop four distinct locations in the russian capital, it's situated on the top floor of arthouse, a new residential complex by russian architect sergey skuratov on the banks of the yauza river. although highly successful in its own right, it has also proven to be quite beneficial to the company's ambitious plans. held at the very same lofty penthouse space, this is the restaurant's second edition, and exclusively caters to a demographic of high-profile movers and shakers. the decor and scale of door 19 is one that's quite a novelty here, mixing the building's bare essentials with a string of carefully selected furnishings and striking works by top artists.

strewn across the premises are rather striking pieces by directional creatives as david lachapelle, damien hirst and jenny holzer. as for the cuisine, door 19 serves cuisine from different corners of the globe, prepared by a rotation of specialized chefs who are flown in for the occasion. the very same diversified approach is taken when it comes to drinks as skilled mixologists have been recruited to serve guests a wide range of signature concoctions. and the fun doesn't stop there. door 19 doubles as a club that continues until the wee little hours, featuring a roster of happening deejays from home and abroad [open through oct 31]. location: arthouse, serebryanicheskaya naberezhnaya 19 [basmanniy].

© kvartal