moscow: albert watson

© albert watson - heel on stovetop, las vegas [2000]

trained as a graphic designer, albert watson [1942] initially took on photography as a mere hobby. he spent many years doing various stints to make a living, and it was only when he arrived in the u.s. that his career as a photographer took off. watson's lucky break was a test shoot for global cosmetics firm max factor, and not long after that his distinct photography style would grace the covers of some of the planet's leading fashion magazines, capture prestigious ad campaigns, and portray the biggest names in film and showbiz. the latter certainly made him a household name in that specific industry, adding extra lustre to his curriculum. an exhibition of watson's work has just opened at the multimedia art museum in moscow, and forms part of a fashion + style in photography program of the moscow international biennale. on this occasion, the new york-based lensman has flown into town to attend the exhibition opening and to give a special master class to local photo buffs [on through may 10]. location: location: ulitsa ostozhenka 16 [khamovniki].

© albert watson - mike tyson, catskills, new york [1986]